folksingers & schoolyard songs... and did I mention Footnotes?
chatter among friends, Le Guin & Gaming, Martin Carthy's ballads, and more footnotes than even I can believe
liminal spaces and auld lang syne
plus more #altHallelujah, WorldCon, and The Evil Wizard Smallbone
Too much news, not enough framing device. The Worm Ouroboros. And a Contest! With footnotes.
: Proving that any three subjects will fit together in one newsletter, no matter how disparate, if the need be great and the will be strong enough
....with footnotes. Because it's me.
....with footnotes. Because it's me.
An Ellen & Delia Thanksgiving: 2021 Edition
Book today, Musical Zoom Monday, Ice Cream in Brooklyn Tuesday . . .
June 14, 15, 16: Doug Shapiro reads the original novella. With a parrot.
The Fall of the Kings and a Parrot next week