Well, here I am

And here you are! Oh, it's truly wunderbar

Is this thing on?

If it is, then welcome, and thanks for dropping by. I’m looking forward to having a place to think aloud in, to make recommendations, and, of course to tell everyone what to do. I am, after all, an eldest child.

I’d like to talk about writing, about writing and reading fantasy literature; about the world we live in, some funny (and not so funny) stories about my past, which ranges from being the kid everyone was mean to in Hebrew school because I was so weird, to finding my tribe in college (where they made fun of me, but in a *good* way), getting a job in publishing right out of school because I knew I could never be a waitress or a lumberjack, then quitting to write my first novel, Swordspoint.

That took a very long time.

The month it was published, I moved to Boston to take up a job in public radio, as the overnight host for WGBH-fm. I parlayed that into some other stuff, including being host of a national series called “The Nakamichi International Music Series” (we often got letters addressed to Mr. Enoch Amici), and finally writing and producing my own weekly national series, “Sound & Spirit: music and ideas from around the world and through the ages.”

That show ran for over 10 years on stations all over America - and if you never heard of it, it’s not my fault, it’s your local station’s.

And then what happened? you may wonder. How did you get from Boston back to NYC? And why don’t you write more novels?

We’ll leave that question for another day. It is, after all, a run-on sentence that has turned into several paragraphs . . . and so, as my parents always said when they felt the bedtime story reading had gone on long enough:

And that’s a good place to stop.